Monkey Town 3

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Excited to go to the newest incarnation of Monkey Town tonight.
When I first moved to Brooklyn Monkey Town was one of my favorite places to go. They are directly responsible for my collection of multi-function laser tigers!

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Allison Schulnik

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I have been a fan of Allison Schulnik‘s paintings for a long time and just came across this amazing animation today while doing some stop motion animation research at work. Best creepy ghostlike creature interpretive dancing to Scott Walker I have ever seen!

Mound by Allison Schulnik

art art art art art pt. 1

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My favorite exhibitions from my Chelsea wanders on Saturday, Part 1:::

Francis Alÿs at David Zwirner Gallery, from January 10 – February 9, 2013.
More info on the exhibition here.

If you cannot make it to Chelsea to see the film before Saturday, it is available on youtube:::

Francis Alÿs (In collaboration with Julien Devaux and Ajmal Maiwandi)

A preview of the entire show here:

Dieter Roth. Björn Roth. at Hauser & Wirth, from January 23 – April 13, 2013.
More info on the exhibition here.

NY Times review here.

Doug Aitken, 100 YRS, at 303 Gallery, from February 1 – March 23, 2013.

Charlie Roberts, Girl Power, at Kravets Wehby Gallery, from January 31 – February 23, 2013. More info on the exhibition here.

Detail of above right painting

art to see

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Excited for this Cyprien Gaillard show coming to PS1 this month! I think/hope this will make up for the mediocre/terrible exhibitions that PS1 have been putting on for the past 6 months (minus the Art Book Fair!)

Cyprien Gaillard at PS1
January 20 — March 18, 2013

Still from Cities of Gold and Mirrors

Stills from Desniansky Raion

Cairns (12 Riverford Road, Pollokshaws, Glasgow, 1967-2008)

Geographical Analogies

From PS1’s site:
Cyprien Gaillard’s (b. 1980, Paris) work navigates geographical sites and psychological states, addressing the relationship between architecture and nature, and evolution and erosion. Using a variety of artistic mediums ranging from painting and sculpture to photography, film, and video, Gaillard juxtaposes pictorial beauty and the atmospherically lush with elements of sudden violence, destruction, and idiosyncrasy culled from popular culture, pointing to the precarious nature of public space, social ritual, and the very viability of the notion of civilization.

Combining minimal composition, a romantic visual sensibility, and a youthful, anarchic spirit, Gaillard’s work displays a personal vision or reading of landscapes and cities, whether he trains his gaze upon land art sites, crumbling 1960s urban high-rises, culturally entrenched logos, explosive building demolition procedures, or public monuments. He invests these sites with new traits through his interventions, resulting in architectural travelogues dense with layers of suggestive symbols, as well as an incisive examination of the foundations and inventions of civilizations, both ancient and modern, revealing their simultaneously seductive and alienating features.

The artist’s first solo exhibition in New York is comprised of over 80 works, including five major cinematic works and two site-specific works made in New York on the occasion of his MoMA PS1 presentation. In Cities of Gold and Mirrors (2009), shot in Cancun, Mexico, images of Mayan ruins are interspersed with the golf courses, mega-resorts, and tourists that now saturate the area, as incensed adolescents guzzle tequila with the same elated fervor that characterizes a ritualistic dance performed by a gangster on the ruins of El Ray.

Cyprien Gaillard presents Egyptian Lover and Salem DJ set
This Sunday at Winter Open House, PS1, 4 PM in the VW Dome

On the occasion of the opening of his first New York solo show, Cyprien Gaillard invites West Coast rap pioneer Egyptian Lover and special guests to bridge the distance between Los Angeles’ Watts Towers and the Temples of Abu Simbel, all under the roof of MoMA PS1’s geodesic dome, in a celebration of both artists’ mutual fascination with anachronism. In his work, Gaillard combines elements of the found, the photographic, the cinematic, the architectural, and the social to provoke visual or associative connections between ancient ruins and neglected contemporary spaces.

Lewis Klahr

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Happy last Saturday of 2012!

Lewis Klahr-Altair (1995)

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Museum of Art & Design animation

Posted in animation, art, collage, film, video art by cheapandplastique on October 25, 2012

Martha Colburn

For the next two evenings the Museum of Art & Design will be hosting interesting cinema events which feature the animation of Robert Breer and Martha Colburn. I have featured both Breer’s and Colburn’s work on this site in the past—and since I have such exquisite taste y’all should listen to me and go and check both shows out!

Robert Breer on Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 7:00 PM. More info here.

& Martha Colburn on Friday, October 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM. More info here.

Qiu Zhijie

Posted in art, film, video art by cheapandplastique on September 8, 2012

Last night I was searching for a video art piece on youtube that I saw in a video art class at the Mass College of Art in 1995. I could not find the work but I did come across the Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie, whose Writing ‘The Orchid Pavilion’ One Thousand Times makes the “ten best auction results for video art 2010-12″ list. This work comes in as the 6th highest priced work. I have never heard of this artist before and realize I need to learn more about Chinese contemporary art. The others on the list include William KENTRIDGE (2 times), Nam June PAIK (2 times), Bruce NAUMAN, Bill VIOLA (2 times), Charles RAY, & Tony OURSLER.

Qiu Zhijie

Qiu Zhijie


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Fall I & Fall II (1970) – Bas Jan Ader

I’m Too Sad To Tell You

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I’m Too Sad To Tell You (1971) – Bas Jan Ader

art art art art art

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My favorite exhibitions/artworks from my latest Chelsea wanders:
4 Films at Peter Blum Gallery in Chelsea

Su-Mei Tse, Dizziness of Life, 2011

SUPERFLEX, Modern Times Forever, 2011, (a 240 hour film!)

Disruptive Desires at Sean Kelly Gallery with Laurent Grasso, Rebecca Horn, Ran Huang. Running June 23rd – August 3rd

RAN HUANG, Disruptive Desires, Tranquility and the Loss of Lucidity, 2012, HD video, 23 minutes

From the Sean Kelly website:
Ran Huang’s 22-minute film, Disruptive Desires, Tranquility, and the Loss of Lucidity, is in the main gallery. The film begins with two young people shyly engaged in conversation, interspersed with outdoor scenes of a forest. As the two protagonists share details of their lives, an ominous undertone becomes apparent—one that is sexually charged— suggesting that the pleasant, almost dream-like ambiance of the film is misleading and that disturbing events may have taken place in the characters’ pasts. The uneasy balance between beauty and transgression creates a darkly dynamic atmosphere, demanding that the viewer reconcile the visual appeal of the imagery with a troubling latent motif.

Though the works on view vary in execution and are separated by several decades, these films possess a shared thematic concern: the disruption of the conventional interpretation of the language of desire, offering in its place an interpretation that is considerably more layered, ambivalent and complex.

Painting in Space at Luhring Augustine, June 22, 2012 – August 17, 2012

Painting in Space, Installation view

Painting in Space, Installation view

Franz West, Der Ficker, 2006

Charline von Heyl, Merci Cheri, 2010

Jacqueline Humphries, Untitled, 2011

Amy Sillman, Untitled, 2012

The exhibition comprises works by 25 international artists including: Carol Bove, Martin Creed, Olafur Eliasson, Liam Gillick, Wade Guyton, Mark Handforth, Rachel Harrison, Charline von Heyl, Jacqueline Humphries, Glenn Ligon, Sarah Morris, Tony Oursler, R.H. Quaytman, Pipilotti Rist, Amy Sillman, Josh Smith, Haim Steinbach, Mark di Suvero, Tunga, Nicola Tyson, Kelley Walker, Lawrence Weiner, Franz West, Rachel Whiteread, and Andrea Zittel.

Zoe Strauss: 10 Years, A Slideshow at Bruce Silverstein Gallery,
June 28, 2012 – August 03, 2012

DATA TRASH, Curated by Chris Dorland, at i-20, May 24 – July 20, 2012

With: Nathan Azhderian, Gretchen Bender, Lizzi Bougatsos, Jim Brittingham, Sean Dack, David Deutsch, Matt Ducklo, Valie Export, Shane Hope, Devin Kenny, Josh Kline, Erin Knutson, Justin Lieberman, Ken Lum, Marlene McCarty, Walter Robinson, Saki Sato, Kiki Seror, Josh Tonsfeldt, Phil Vanderhyden, Kandis Williams

Screw You, at Susan Inglett Gallery, from May 31 – Jul 27, 2012


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