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SZE TSUNG LEONG Horizons at Yossi Milo Gallery
MAY 15–JULY 11, 2014
More info here.
All of the photographs in this show were beautiful. There were 2 or 3 photos from Iceland in the exhibition which made my desire to go back to Iceland even greater (still having Iceland withdrawal after only being back in the US for less than 2 weeks!)

From Pre-History to Post-Everything at Sean Kelly Gallery
June 27 through August 1, 2014
More info here.

Hugo McCloud paintings.

Luca Dellaverson’s mirrored glass/resin works.

Florian Maier-Aichen at 303 Gallery
JUNE 5 – JULY 25 2014
More info here.

Unrealism Part 1 at Fredericks Freiser Gallery.
JUNE 26 – JULY 24 2014
More info here.

Audrey Flack, Marilyn Monroe, 1964

Jansson Stegner, UCLA, 2014

AKTIONSRAUM 1 at Susan Inglett Gallery
12 Jun – 25 Jul 2014
More info here.

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David Altmejd

Posted in art, chelsea, installation by cheapandplastique on February 12, 2014

Saw the David Altmejd Juices exhibition last week at Andrea Rosen Gallery, the show is up until March 8th and I predict it will be the next Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrored Room-like Chelsea sensation!

photo courtesy Andrea Rosen Gallery




photo courtesy Andrea Rosen Gallery


photo courtesy Andrea Rosen Gallery

Andy Denzler

Posted in art, chelsea, painting by cheapandplastique on February 8, 2014

Saw the Andy Denzler Between the Fragments show today at the Claire Oliver Gallery. It makes me happy to see artists who have been featured in Cheap & Plastique in the past showing in Chelsea. The exhibition is up until February 15th, go check it out if you can. Read my interview with Andy here.

All images © Claire Oliver Gallery.

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Monkey Town 3

Posted in art, chelsea, video art by cheapandplastique on August 6, 2013

Excited to go to the newest incarnation of Monkey Town tonight.
When I first moved to Brooklyn Monkey Town was one of my favorite places to go. They are directly responsible for my collection of multi-function laser tigers!

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Josh Brand

Posted in art, chelsea, painting, photography by cheapandplastique on March 20, 2013

Saw this show in Chelsea last month and really liked Josh Brand’s work.

Anna Betbeze, Josh Brand, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, and Josh Tonsfeldt
at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, January 17 – February 23, 2013
See more of Mister Brand’s work on Herald Street Gallery‘s website here.

Josh Brand:

Hope Gangloff

Posted in art, art to see, chelsea, painting, wandering by cheapandplastique on March 4, 2013

Stumbled into this exhibit in Chelsea the other day. I have never seen her work in person.
Quite enjoyed the pattern overload!

Hope Gangloff at Susan Inglett Gallery
February 15 – March 23, 2013

art art art art art pt. II

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And now my favorite photography shows from my Chelsea wanders on Saturday:::
The Darren Almond photographs were especially amazing—I WANT ONE!

Darren Almond, Hemispheres and Continents, at Matthew Marks Gallery.
From February 2 – April 20, 2013. More exhibition information here.

See more images here and here.

Sabine Hornig, Transparent Things, at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. From Jan 10 – Feb 23 2013. More information on the exhibition here.

ZWELETHU MTHETHWA, New Works, at Jack Shainman Gallery. From January 24 – February 23, 2013. More information here.

art art art art art pt. 1

Posted in art, chelsea, exhibitions, installation, painting, performance, photography, video art by cheapandplastique on February 5, 2013

My favorite exhibitions from my Chelsea wanders on Saturday, Part 1:::

Francis Alÿs at David Zwirner Gallery, from January 10 – February 9, 2013.
More info on the exhibition here.

If you cannot make it to Chelsea to see the film before Saturday, it is available on youtube:::

Francis Alÿs (In collaboration with Julien Devaux and Ajmal Maiwandi)

A preview of the entire show here:

Dieter Roth. Björn Roth. at Hauser & Wirth, from January 23 – April 13, 2013.
More info on the exhibition here.

NY Times review here.

Doug Aitken, 100 YRS, at 303 Gallery, from February 1 – March 23, 2013.

Charlie Roberts, Girl Power, at Kravets Wehby Gallery, from January 31 – February 23, 2013. More info on the exhibition here.

Detail of above right painting

Doug Rickard

Posted in art, chelsea, photography by cheapandplastique on October 20, 2012

This exhibition was not yet open when I was in Chelsea the other day but I am looking forward to seeing these prints this week.

Doug Rickard at Yossi Milo Gallery
Exhibition open from October 18 — November 24, 2012. More info here.

From the gallery’s press release:
A New American Picture depicts American street scenes, located using the internet platform Google Street View. Over a four-year period, Rickard took advantage of Google’s massive image archive to virtually explore the roads of America looking for forgotten, economically devastated, and largely abandoned places. After locating and composing scenes of urban and rural decay, Rickard re-photographed the images on his computer screen with a tripod- mounted camera, freeing the image from its technological origins and re-presenting them on a new documentary plane.

The low-resolution images that Rickard favors have a dissolved, painterly effect, and are occasionally populated with figures who acknowledge the camera, but whose faces are blurred, masking their identity. The photographs are thus imbued with an added surrealism and anonymity, which reinforces the isolation of the subjects and emphasizes the effects of an increasingly stratified American social structure.

art art art art art

Posted in art, chelsea, nyc, painting, photography, silkscreening by cheapandplastique on October 20, 2012

Went on a Chelsea and Soho tour this week in search of some inspiring art, here is what I found (and liked) during my wanderings:::

Barney Kulok at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery
Exhibition runs from September 13th — October 27th. More info here.
Barney will be speaking at Aperture this coming Tuesday, find out all about it here.
And an Artforum review.

Ahmed Alsoudani at Haunch of Venison
Exhibition runs from October 4th — November 3rd. More info here.

James Welling at David Zwirner
Exhibition runs from September 7th — October 27th. More info here.

Renaud Regnery at Elizabeth Dee Gallery
Exhibition runs from September 22nd — October 27th. More info here.


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