so i went to A LOT of art fairs last weekend, 4 to be exact, more than i have gone to in past years. i managed to get into all of the fairs for a total of only $10, which makes me happy, as i am usually lacking in the funds department. next year my goal is, mo’ fairs, no money!
this year i felt like the quality of the art at scope was kind of poor but i did discover 1 gallery that i thought was showing interesting work that i had not heard of before…
aureus contemporary in lovely providence, ri (

karim hamid

some other work i did not hate from galleries who were doing a pretty good job:
The Mike Weiss Gallery (which i find to be consistently interesting and never horrible on my chelsea wanders).

gallery von braunbehrens, hailing from munich, germany!

x-ist (, istanbul turkey. TURKEY REPRESENT!

hous projects, la, ca

i also attended scope last year, playing the role of photographer with my friend who, until quite recently, worked at paper magazine. some pics from last year’s scope fair (perhaps you’d like to compare and contrast):


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