on friday evening, continuing on with the art fair fun times, i journeyed out to the frying pan (my new favorite place in nyc) on the chelsea piers for the fountain art fair.

my friend heather morgan was showing at the Gawker Artists booth* and it seemed like it was going to be an interesting and fun event (the rock ‘n’ roll art fair). there was supposedly some musical performances at the fair (ADULT and Depreciation Guild) but i got there kind of late and was overstimulated trying to take in all of the art on the jam packed walls & running into people from glorious days past to actually catch any of the muzak.

the frying pan boat was super creepy and kind of dangerous seeming, i am surprised that people were allowed to freely wander around but am glad that we could because it was certainly cool.

one artist (who work was VERY tony ourseler influenced) had many installations throughout the actual boat (not my favorite):::

& the structure next door housed the majority of the other artists and galleries comprising fountain. nudashank was one of my favorite exhibitors and they represented my local karaoke dj, ben (aka king of karaoke), whose artwork is seen directly below:::

other nudashank artistes:::

some other art from the fair:
greg haberny (i really fell in love with this little mousething and his entire installation was my favorite part of the fair– so much to look at!)

a gallery whose name i did not record, oops.

and finally THE MURDER LOUNGE:

which i could write another page about but will spare you the details cause i need to sleep. the abridged story: the artists down there seemed EXTREMELY drunk and gave the impression that they had been drinking since the wee hours of the morning. i also ran into some folk from boston, one who frequented the lovely model cafe during the years i frequented the model cafe and another who i had never met but learned, strangely, that his mother lived next to my mother in the town i grew up in suburban massachusetts, further reinforcing my belief that the world is a very strange & small place where coincidences occur way too frequently.

all in all the fair/party was super fun times, the art interesting… i am looking forward to going back to the frying pan to spend a saturday afternoon drinking some beverages in the near spring-y future.

*some documentation of heather’s show at the Gawker headquarters in soho last month.


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