the independent art fair was my favorite fair of the weekend and the Lubok Verlag station at the independent art fair was one of my favorite booths.
Lubok Verlag

a sassy german gent showed off the beautifully printed “picture-books” and i wish i had not been broke because i would have purchased one to impress my designer friends with & make them jealous! those germans really know a few things about printing, lovely work!

there were many great galleries showing at the independent, i wish shows like this happened more frequently, not just once a year, during art fair crazy time! the set up of the fair was a conducive environment for art viewing unlike the set up at scope and the other big time affairs (and the show itself was not super packed, yay!)… thanks elizabeth dee for making this happen! i really hope it occurs again next year!

my favorites::::
RYAN TRECARTIN shown by the elizabeth dee gallery
i heart this gallery, almost always dependable for fantastique work in chelsea.

(this picture sort of sucks and is not AT ALL representative of the piece, i apologize)
i have seen ryan’s work around a lot lately (at the younger than jesus at the new museum, for example) and his work frightens and intrigues me. the skits are completely insane and the on screen action totally engulfs the viewer into a crazy, out of control technofuturistic world.

also from new york:
JOSE DAVILA at the renwick gallery
thought these were by cyprien gaillard at first gaze… i am wondering how mr. davila found out about all of these building demolishings, i really enjoyed the before and after grids.

a few galleries that i try to go to every time i am in londontown were present, including maureen paley, the approach, & hotel.

and finally, some really nice work at this french gallery, gb agency:
this picture is of the stills from a short film they were projecting on the other side of the wall. by robert breer, i believe.

i think i need to go back to paris sometime in the near future, saw a lot of french galleries over the entire the weekend showing art that i enjoyed.


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