i ventured over to williamsburg in the rain on monday evening for a studio visit with PAUL BRAINARD. he showed me some new paintings and drawings, we played catch up, had a lovely photo session, drank some red wine (of course!), perused his record collection, and listened to some motley crue. it was good times!

i really enjoy seeing the various settings where creativity takes place, learning what inspires each individual, & gaining insight into the artist’s process.

paul will be in a show in greenpoint in april at 106 green and is currently showing his work in prague at dvorak sec.
click here to see the q & a between violet & paul in the last issue of cheap & plastique (in pdf format).
to see more of paul’s artwork please visit the white columns registry.


2 thoughts on “studio visit with violet

  1. Hi! Yeah, i just did a studio visit with Paul and really dug his work! I like those drawings the best probably. There was an honesty and lack of censorship that I thought was pretty rare and the humor was refreshing. He also introduced me to my new favorite description of Williamsburg hipsters: Beardos!

    Hey Violet, can I be next?


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