on friday i traveled to new jersey for a press check. the driver who had been hired to deliver my ass to the printing press kind of knows me (well he knows i am a photography & old mill town enthusiast) since i go to jersey frequently for press oks & we have spent many hours chatting whilst stuck in the lincoln tunnel.

since it was such a beautiful day and the stars were aligned or something (i had finished my check early, it was lunchtime, i happened to have my camera with me, driver guy was in a particularly jolly mood) car service man offered to bring me to see a waterfall down the street from the printing press.

me, being a kinda paranoid freak, at first imagined the worst case scenario- a soprano’s style offing, then bye bye violet down the rocks. luckily i was wrong and it turned out to be a pretty amazing, unexpected adventure. no bad vibes whatsoever.

the water was super high & rough (i guess it had just flooded the previous weekend because of all of the rainfall). there was a rainbow & i got sprayed by some mistiness (which was nice because it was actually kind of hot out).

i think i need more of these spontaneous events in my life. i enjoyed my 10 minutes in nature and was back to manhattan before anyone noticed i was gone!

all the information you could possibly want about the great falls.


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