an overcast sunday in coney island

i try to go to coney island before it becomes crazy busy at least once a year preferably on a rainy/misty/overcast day when it is mostly deserted. this was the first time i ventured out there alone and even though i felt paranoid from time to time that someone was going to knock me down and steal my camera, that i might see a crazy ladies naked vagina (there was a mumbling maniac hanging out near the bathrooms at nathan’s and she seemed to be having a real hard time keeping her pants pulled up to the appropriate place), or that i would freeze to death on the beach (ocean breeze was chilly) i had an enjoyable day with plenty of time for a bit of the ole introspection. being near the ocean always makes me feel calm & sitting on a piece of driftwood, staring out to sea kind of worked out for my contemplative mood.

i will most likely go back for the mermaid parade (i think lou reed and laurie anderson are king and queen of the parade this year) but it will be a totally different experience… all i can hope for is that it is not 96 degrees and humid like the last one i attended!
click here for the official coney island website!


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