some screenshots from agnes varda’s vagabond:::

vagabond has been in my netflix queue for years and i finally watched it the other night.
mona (an unsettled teenage girl) is found frozen to death in a ditch in the opening scene of the movie. then the film tracks back, recounting bits of the last couple of weeks of her life as she wanders aimlessly through the south of france, flashing back to her interaction with a wide range of characters; various lovers (some also living a drifter lifestyle, others who employ her for a short period of time), a few women (who are generally intrigued/envious of the path of life mona has chosen/her free spirit), an ex-hippie, goat-herder/philosopher (who tries to convince mona that one must compromise their autonomy a little in order to survive). all of these interactions paint a poignant portrait of a lost soul, who wants nothing more than freedom from all societal norms… and also examines the troubles associated with this choice—even though one might feel free there is still a chance for exploitation and manipulation by those one comes into even brief contact with.

the film is beautifully shot, the viewer feels as if they too are wandering through the south of france. there are many moments in the film where i wanted to pause and take a screen shot (so i fast forwarded through it a second time to do just that). the film’s beautiful cinematography and thoughtful musings make it a candidate for my dvd collection, for use as future photographic reference/inspiration and to watch when i am feeling the urge to drop out of society myself (which happens quite frequently nowadays).


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