i was intrigued at PS1 this weekend while in the 100 Years exhibition by a few images stuck up onto a 3rd floor gallery wall of colette & justine and the victorian punks.

Justine of the Victorian Punks (visual art band #1) performing ‘Ripping myself off’ with Albert Crabtree, 1978.
colette has lived as various personas over the past 30/40 years; colette (the 70’s), justine (from 1978-1982), mata hari (1984-1985), countess reichenbach (1986-1991), the house of olympia (1992-2001) and lumiere (2001-2007).
her documentation of colette/justine/other personas are reminding me a bit of ME… not so much for the victorian costumes but mainly for living her life as if part of a non-stop, glamorous photo shoot (how i wish i could live mine all of the time and try to as frequently as possible).
i still need to delve deeper into her site and learn more, you can too, more info on justine / colette here.

Colette is a Dead Company, performing at Danceteria Club, NYC for beautiful dreamer benefit 1980 – Janice Putney

Justine`s Thift shop. SoHo. NYC. 1982-83.

‘Fuck Art, Lets Dance’. Justine and Rudolf danceteria. 1980.

roselee goldberg discusses PS1’s performance art survey here.


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