went to the pick me up contemporary graphic art fair at the somerset house on late saturday afternoon. here are some of the works that i felt were the highlights of the fair:
individual artists:::
james joyce

natsko seki

edvard scott

alex trochut

pierre nguyen

ville savimaa

collectives/studios/independent publishers:::

rob ryan

nous vous

landfill editions

london print club

by the time i found the somerset house I WAS SOAKED (in time out it was listed as being on the strand but didn’t give an actual street number so i wandered around, in the POURING rain, looking for the damn place and was very aggravated at london’s street numbering system or lack of one)!!!
even though i was dripping wet i was happy that i made it to see the work (and happy to no longer be wandering along the strand). i do wish i had gone earlier in my trip, however, so i could have picked up a few pieces but i had already overspent– so no lovely silkscreens or cool books from the fair for me, my parting gifts; extremely wet boots (which are STILL wet 3 days later!), black dye stained feet, memories of soaked pantlegs, and the knowledge of some new european illustrators/designers/publishers!

creative review write ups:
rob ryan
print club


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