went to see PiL at the music hall of williamsburg this evening, after not seeing them since 1988 (with inxs) / 1989 (with new order and the sugarcubes). i completely destroyed my ears (i was standing to the left of the stage, next to a huge speaker, sans earplugs), had a steady flow of flashbacks of cruising around suburban massachusetts, as an angry teen, in the late eighties, blasting Paris au Printemps in my tan dodge aries, and realized that i fucking love droning, repetitious, bass-y, dissonant songs. albatross and religion were sooooo sooooooooooo amazing i could not believe my sore ears. hearing PiL live again made me want to start my own band! john lydon is seriously AMAZING, the king of uncomfortable facial expressions and cutesy dance moves and getting the crowd riled up.

more pictures here.


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