went to see the film MACHOTAILDROP on friday night at the tribeca theater. i must admit i was a bit apprehensive about seeing a surreal skateboard flick and thought that i might be disappointed (i imagined a super low-budget skateboard video with hardcore soundtrack) but it was beautifully filmed, rather strange, and pretty damn entertaining! the story was a bit charlie and the chocolate factory-esque, filmed as if john waters was lurking around, suggesting some ridiculous ideas to the filmmakers. the gang of manwolfs reminded me of the boys my friends and i sought out in high school (and spent hours hanging around their skate ramps). the film made me proud that my crappy 80’s mobile used to sport a skateboarding is not a crime sticker! hopefully MACHOTAILDROP will have a wider release so the bored skate kids in the ‘burbs can enjoy as well!


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