wow, this email just appeared in my junk folder and i immediately thought it must be something très DIRTY that i should not open at work, or ever, most likely… then i thought i had somehow maybe been added to the bar, the hole’s, mailing list although i have not been there in years and am not even sure if it still exists…

i was happily surprised when i did click on the email and it was an announcement for Kathy Grayson and Meghan Coleman’s new gallery venture, THE HOLE.

with Deitch closing (or closed by this point, i guess) i was slightly scared i would never see any of my favorite painters’ work (rosson crow, matt greene, kristin baker) exhibited in nyc again. but the hole’s press release says they will be exhibiting some of the deitch stable (hopefully some of the above!) as well as plenty of new faces.

Not Quite Open for Business will be the hole’s first show, opening June 26th. I am really looking forward to checking out their exhibition space + bookshop (holey books)!
and i just read they will be running a dating service for artists, that seems like a fantastique idea, or maybe not.

article about the hole in the wall street journal here.


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