AUGUST 26 – SEPTEMBER 11, 2010

went to this opening the other night and really wanted to watch the film but the gallery was a bit too anarchic/crowded with crazy kids posing and snapping tons of photos of themselves to squish my way onto the big fluffy cushions and take it in proper style. the movie will be playing daily for a few weeks so i am hoping to go back. you should go see it too, the lounge is a trippy, psychedelic mess, reminds me of the art/record listening/hangout room (called “the gallery”) i built in my mom’s basement when i was in high school, ohhhhhhhhhhh so long ago.

from the hole’s press release:
This queer punk performance art band just came out with BOY, a feature length movie documenting Cody’s life as a small town punk kid addicted to junk food dreaming of stardom who becomes a glamorous pop star with the help and hindrance of a gaggle of crazy dames. Archly witty and abounding and self-aware parody and pop-cultural collage, this film composites various music videos Cody made for SSION songs from 2007-2009 and links them together with mockumentary interviews, tour footage and cultural critique. Shitty green screen and hand- made painted cardboard props abound, as do hot fags, hot dance moves, and smoking hot costumes by Peggy Noland.

More muzak and videos here.


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