100 Records by Sonny Smith at cinders gallery, williamsburg
August 12th – September 5th 2010.

one of the few good shows i have seen this summer. there is a jukebox filled with all 100 of the songs by the “fake” bands, all of the musical selections i made in my 1/2 an hour in the gallery were really good! here are some of my favorite record covers:::

Deb Sokolo, The Taliband

Deb Sokolo, The Taliband

Sonny Smith, Petite Lafitte

Bill Donovan, Robert Chuffly & his tranquil people’s choir

Micah Middaugh, South East Land Otter Champs

Ky Anderson, Zig Speck and the Specktones

Chris Duncan, Transients

Nathaniel Russel, Merryweather Bradley

from cinders website:
100 Records is the culmination of a massive year long project by artist and musician Sonny Smith, front man of the group Sonny & The Sunsets. Smith invited 100 artists to produce 100 7” record covers for fictional bands. Smith concocted the personas of these fictitious bands, then wrote and recorded one hundred songs to correspond with each 7” record. Each record stands on its own as a solid piece of music and spans a wide range from pop, concept ideas, spoken word, instrumentals, surf, garage, folk and rock n roll.

The record covers recall the type of limited edition packaging that would make any good record collector sweat, as well as more out there interpretations of what a record cover can be. These hand drawn and painted covers will be on display in addition to a homemade custom built working jukebox loaded with all 100 songs that will play during the show.

The artists:
Miguel Palma, Mark Todd, Jack Massing, Alika Cooper, Nathaniel Russell, Brion Nuda Rosch, Chris Johanson, Leslie Shows, Jim Long, Kyle Ranson, Matthew Hilshort, Reed Anderson, Fernando Renes, Ana Fernandez, Lara Allen, Laurent Impeduglia, Chris Duncan, Ed Ruscha, Paul Wackers, Kottie Polloma, William Wiley, Sasha Baguskas, Justin Goldwater, Grace Cooper, Kelley Stoltz, Emily Prince, Sonya Berman, John Dwyer, Mingering Mike, Jason Jagel, Jo Jackson, Juan Luna, Avin,Teppei Ando, Eric White, Rebecca Miller, Brittany Powell, Harrell Fletcher, Virgil Shaw, Mat O Brien, Ian Johnson, Jeffrey Lewis, Airika Rockefeller, Scot Velardo, Lisa Choinacky, Karla Wosniak, Alice Shaw, Matthew Rich, Micah Middaugh, Thomas Mozzarella, Ky Anderson, Sean McFarland, Eric Yahnker, Deb Sokolo, Ted Barron, Ryan Brown, Kyle Field, Sara Bright, Scott Hewicker, Joshua Abelow, Jason Jagel, Erica Magrey, Griff Williams, Daniel Green, Stephanie Syjuko, Nicholas Galanin, Ashia Lane, Maya Hayuk, John Chiara, Grant LaValley, Richard Hart, Kyle Knobel, Ray Halliday, Andrew Mckinley, Cliff Hengst, Souther Salazar, Abel Pineda, Christime Shields, Maria Forde, Esther Pearl Watson, Jovi Schnell, Nellei Nguyen, Veronica DeJesus, Rex Ray, Bill Donovan, Michael Swaney, Tucker Nichols, and Alicia McCarthy

Sonny’s website.
Sonny & The Sunsets on myspace.
Cinders on myspace.


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