i am going to spend a lot of time in the next week and 1/2 going to see bands that i am very fond of & i am quite excited, it is fucking ROCKTOBER!

tomorrow night, THE VASELINES!!!!
(who were completely amazing last time i saw them!)
oow, ooow, oow, AND crystal stilts AND jeffrey lewis are opening, so excited for this!!!!!

friday night, SWANS, at the brooklyn masonic temple.
i have not seen swans since about 1997, when i saw them at the somerville theater in MA, it is about time!!! he better bust out FAILURE! i need a sing-a-long with my fellow swans-lovers who will be visiting from providence for the show! woo hoo.

then next thursday it is CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE at mercury lounge, who i have never actually see play live before (but have listened to on repeat for hundreds of hours at work!) so i am super psyched!!!!!
More info here.

oh and i end the month with DEVO!!!!!! who i also have never seen live but have loved since i was a lonesome alternateen, who watched the Devo video collection over and over and over again to keep boredom at bay in the sleepy suburban town i called home.
tickets here.



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