HURRAH! Goodbye smudgey makeup, drippy armpits, sweating eyeballs, and exposed lady butts on the stairwells in the sweltering subway stations. Hello too much makeup (that stays put! woo hoo!!!!!), sassy knee-high boots, fancy tights, and layer upon layer of lovely dark clothing items, oh how i love FALL… the chelsea gallerists are done running around the hamptons, sipping their expensive beverages, and gossiping about their high society collectors and actually have their spaces open on the weekend (or saturday, i should say) for the common people, like me, that work a proper weekly 9-5’er. MOMA plays interesting movies on Monday nights again in their Modern Monday series, for FREE (for members, ooh la la), every night is the perfect night for a bike ride, and one only has to consume a couple of beverages at a bar to maintain a happy body tempearture (versus downing multiple frozen margaritas per minute to keep cool and then facing dire consequences later on, OUCH, elbow!), tons of bands come to town for the CMJ music festival (also providing us with much more eye candy on the L train), the trees begin to turn the loveliest of colors, and the sun sets early, leaving us with more hours for debauchery and fun. oh FALL, how great you are!

ummmmmmmmmmm, sorry for my overexcitedness up there for a moment (but FALL really is truly the best season!) & on to more ahhhhht-related talk… my first trek over to chelsea after the summer shutdown did not leave me feeling super psyched but instead a bit underwhelmed, i did not encounter anything to write home about (although even if i did i don’t think my mom would really care to know, hence my writing about those moments HERE instead) but i have not lost all hope, & i am still looking forward to many more journeys to chelsea in the coming months…

i have seen some interesting shows elsewhere lately. i ran to catch the last day of the “Collective Show” at Participant, Inc. a couple of weekends ago, the exhibit showcased artworks by different art collectives, filling the space with lots of interesting stuffs (zines, photography, some video projections). i had never been to Participant before (i know, shame, shame) so i was glad to finally get to check it out, no photos though since i was feeling shy that day and did not want to get yelled at (if photography was not allowed) or disturb the serious art talk that was going on in the middle of the gallery between the the director and another arty lady.

the show included work by (and MANY others):
The Holster
179 canal
forever and today
Jasper Sebastian Stürup

seeing petite zines in a gallery setting always makes miss shuraka happy!


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