wow!!!! so many good things happening!!!! such as this at Light Industry!

George Kuchar’s The Devil’s Cleavage
Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 7:30 pm
Light Industry, 177 Livingston Street, Brooklyn

Light Industry presents a rare screening of George Kuchar‘s low-rent melodrama The Devil’s Cleavage. His byzantine saga—presented in pulpy chapters like a thumb-staining dimestore novel—chronicles the misadventures of slatternly nurse Ginger as she leaves San Francisco for Blessed Prairie, Oklahoma, a seedy hamlet populated by lovesick sheriffs, failed chanteuses, sexed-up Girl Scout leaders and other wayward creatures. Though never short on cheap thrills, The Devil’s Cleavage is also a visionary study in the mechanics of genre. A closet formalist, Kuchar has fashioned a proto-punk fantasia that both reduces and exaggerates classical Hollywood idioms into a style that is variously threadbare and baroque. Forget Lubitsch, come feel the clammy grip of The Kuchar Touch.

“Kuchar’s epic black-and-white 16mm tribute to Douglas Sirk weepies, with the lurid and the rancid aspects somewhat heightened. The almost nonstop dialogue seems like it was cut-and-pasted ransom-note-style from a thousand old movie scripts.” – Guy Maddin

“With considerable energy, ebullience and wit, Kuchar depicts his once imagined California paradise as a forbidden planet long-ruled by celluloid monsters from the Id.” – J. Hoberman

Tickets – $7, available at door.


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