wanted to take photos on saturday but it was too damn windy and my hairdo kept getting in my eyes & in my mouth (almost as good as “my fake glamour nails are too long to operate my camera” excuse i used in grad school!) here are a few taken before i decided to give up and just look for some inspiring ahhhhhht. chelsea did not disappoint this weekend.

Art highlights from my wanders:
Mayumi Terada at Robert Miller Gallery

some better pics from Robert Miller Gallery’s website:

i really loved these black and white images, they made me feel instantly calm and at peace with the world (which was good cause i had been feeling anxious and like i had drank too much coffee earlier in the day). Terada constructs miniature sets (she is trained as a sculptor) and photographs the interiors of these sets. The images are free of humans & the lighting gorgeous, i wish i could live in this petite black and white world.

BEYOND COLOR: Color in American Photography, 1950-1970 at Bruce Silverstein

Eliot Porter

Saul Leiter

it was a great day for photography viewing on saturday. everything in the Beyond Color show was terrific, i really do love me some amazing color photography and if you do too you should check out this show, it just might bring a tear to your eye, it almost did to mine. the show is up until October 23rd. viva la photographie!

Laurent Grasso, Sound Fossil at Sean Kelly Gallery

Horn Perspective

i always find that art that causes some sort of physical response in one’s body must be doing something correct. the above video/sound piece by Laurent Grasso certainly had a weird effect on me, it made me feel unbalanced and i thought i might have a panic attack while standing at the entry way too this room (as i said earlier, i was feeling a bit off at the beginning of my chelsea trek but this installation almost pushed me over the edge). although i wanted to walk towards the path projected in the video, i could not, in fear that i would actually fall down. it was an intense 5 minute art viewing experience! also on view until October 23rd.

From Sean Kelly’s website:
The main gallery will house the monumental Horn Perspective that won Grasso the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2008 and was later exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in 2009. Horn Perspective is an installation that includes a large-scale projection of a looped 35mm film of a tracking shot along a forest path in which an undefined black swarm moves over and around the camera’s viewpoint. The film’s soundtrack will be heard via large wood and brass speakers that will be installed on the gallery walls. Though the speakers appear to be equipment from a 19th century laboratory, like many of Grasso’s works, their exact origins are unclear.

other worthwhile shows (i only managed to walk from W29th to W23rd street so i may have missed tons of other great shows, i got a late start):

Swagger, Drag, Fit Together at Wallspace
In particular i enjoyed the John Divola Vandalism Portfolio images.

50 Years at Pace: The Abstract Expressionist and Pop Art Years
walking through this show was like walking through a mini-MOMA, for free!

oh and i was saddened to realize that john connelly presents had closed, used to be one of my favorite spots on my frequent chelsea tours.
Article here.


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