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Film Forum will be playing 2 Bruce Conner programs in November which is pretty exciting since it is so hard to see his films, i remember being totally in love with A Movie when my professor, Mark LaPore (RIP), played it for us in my first filmmaking class ever at the Mass College of Art.

Wednesday, November 10 – Tuesday, November 23
More info here.

from the film forum website:
When Bruce Conner (1933-2008) emerged from the 1950s San Francisco Beat scene with A MOVIE (1958), his groundbreaking found-footage collage, he changed forever the language of filmmaking in ways that have resonated as strongly with Hollywood as with independents. Mixing footage of skydivers, earthquakes, car chases, deep-sea diving, B westerns, atomic explosions, his first film, like many of those to follow, critiques 20th century pop culture as it embraces and embodies it. Hailed as the father of the music video (“MTV should have paid him royalties.” — Manohla Dargis, New York Times), Conner’s brilliant collages play off against music as disparate as Ray Charles’s What I Say to Marilyn Monroe singing I’m Through With Love and the music of David Byrne & Brian Eno, Devo, Respighi, Patrick Gleeson and Terry Riley. Our two programs are a rare opportunity to see Conner’s near-complete body of film work, including the theatrical premiere of his final film, the elegant EASTER MORNING.


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