after being in Montreal for the week and searching to find galleries i feel extremely lucky to live in nyc… just wandering around this weekend, doing errands, i was able to pop into the below galleries and see a few good shows. j’aime new york city!

Kenny Scharf & Dearraindrop at THE HOLE
Checked out the latest show at the hole on my way to get halloween costume party supplies at pearl and canal plastics… the show is rather halloweeny and fun, a total sensory overload. Bigger images here.

Denis Castellas at PARKER’S BOX GALLERY
i have not been to parker’s box for what seemed like forever, i feel it was always closed when i walked by over the past year… but maybe i was only wandering on grand in the late hours of the night, i don’t know, glad i stopped in on sunday though cause i really liked denis castellas’ work. the above paintings are from his website (and not the show) but will give you an idea of the lovely paintings you’ll find inside the gallery. Artist’s website here. Show is up from October 29 – December 5.

i wish that the journal gallery was about 10 times its size since they generally show work that i appreciate. This particular show is up until December 15, if you are in le hood, check it out. a lot of good work squished into a teeny space!

Paul Wackers

Hilary Pecis
Plain Air at CINDERS
i am a big fan of cinders gallery and am kind of bummed to know that the gallery will no longer be on havemeyer after january 1 (well unless they move to greenpoint, then i will be psyched!) More about them being priced out of williamsburg here.

my favorite pieces in the show were by Hilary Pecis, Eddie Martinez, and Paul Wackers.

from cinders press release: Plain Air is the second in a series of exhibitions put together by the loose-knit collective/publishing-printmaking project called Apenest. Beginning as a way to create a rad and cost-effective art book, artists Brian Willmont and Cody Hoyt started Apenest by collecting artwork from their favorite artists, selling the work to collectors themselves and then taking the proceeds to self-publish their first book featuring everyone who contributed. They have since published 2 massive, beautiful full-color books that act as a wonderful compendium of underground contemporary art and have begun exhibiting their work together in a series of thematic group shows. More on Apenest here.

Also saw these shows this weekend but the work was not really my thing.

Daniel Zeller and Ati Maier at PIEROGI

Chris Vasell at TEAM GALLERY


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