we drove down many Long Vermont Roads to Quebec, Canada, encountering some seriously thick fog. at times it was slightly scary with all the crazy windy roads and mountainousness so i could not nap like i had planned (mother dragged me out of bed at 6 AM and i am so NOT a morning person)—didn’t want mom to drive le automobile off the road. i attempted to make semi-coherent, yet extremely sleepy, conversation and snap some photographs for a few hours to entertain myself and keep her alert.

we made it across the border and almost instantly it became less foggy and way flatter, things started to look a bit different… foreign. i am totally into the street lights and power lines of other countries, fascinating stuff, really! Ooh La La! CANADIA!

arrived in montreal with no problems (we did not get lost once which was AWESOME) & within about 3 seconds of leaving our hotel i found some architecture to get excited about, place des arts!

the first 2 days we were there did end up being incredibly foggy, i loved it, mom was not such a big fan:::

we ventured to Rue Amherst, this street is filled with the most amazing vintage furniture shops! oh god, i could have spent my entire vacation on this street! all my favorite thingz:::
dilapidated buildings!

arty automobiles (this van belongs to these peeps.)

a cute bike shop:::

& furniture stores galore!!!!!!

OH MY! J’aime Montreal!
I wanna go back, with a uhaul!


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