The NY Art Book Fair at PS1 was super fantastique this past weekend! I went on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and would go back again today if it was still open. SOOOOOOO much amazing and inspiring work, at times a bit overwhelming (a little too crowded with people for me & my space bubble issues) but overall it was TOTALLY AWESOME, certainly the best one I have been to yet!

Here are some of my favorite publishers/zinesters/artistes:::

i often request that you, dear readers, purchase me gifts of art on this here blog, the down the rabbit hole book is my newest WANT. please save your pennies and send these nice Berliners $1200 dollars, violet wants christmas to be extra special this year.

oh man, this book is so FUCKING GORGEOUS.

Bongoût Gallery, Berlin, Germany
my favorite of the entire fair (above 6 images)!

Lawrence Weiner book, which i wish i could have purchased!!!

silkscreen by Mika Tajima, i bought a nicely designed new humans 7″!

also wish i could have bought this beautiful jim dine book, did not even bother to ask how much it cost cause i knew that i could not afford it!

Werkplaats Typografie, i bartered with the students of Werkplaats Typografie and exchanged a couple of Cheap & Plastique zines for one of their pieces

PictureBox (above 4 images)

purchased a mono kultur zine featuring Cyprien Gaillard, who i must seem obsessed with by this point! maybe i am, so what, a gal needs a bit of distraction in these confusing times! Motto also at this booth.

the gal at Point D’Ironie was super nice

fuck, look at all of this CRAZY AWESOME stuff!

contemplated buying a couple of these prints, i kind of wish i had…

chatted with Jasper Sebastian Stürup for a few minutes, quite a nice chap! i had just seen his work at the Collective Show at Participant, Inc. a month or so ago and really liked it!

The lovely gentlemen from Fogelson-Lubliner (who i photographed for the upcoming issue of Print Magazine) were making some petite zines at The Holster stand.

retard riot, more very friendly folks. this zine-y room was definitely filled with the most approachable/chatty sellers from the fair, perhaps they were on their best behavior because they were being watched over by hitler ronald mcdonald!

Nieves Books, yay!

lots of nice stuff at this table, i bought a zine… aural marks, published by swill children.

and who doesn’t like COCKS? always uplifting! most of the time TRIUMPHANT*!

i photographed too much amazing stuff, i apologize if your wares are not credited! going to try to label more of these pictures when i get home from an opening this evening– the art viewing never ends!

*triumphant cock image by cary kwok

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