Went to the Marian Spore Art Space on Monday eve to see performances by Marina Rosenfeld, Christof Kurzmann, and Lucky Dragons, the artspace is curated by Michael Connor.

I have been out to Industry City, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, once before for a Light Industry film screening (Light Industry has moved since then/is in the process of finding a new permanent space). The Industry City complex is sprawling and insanely huge, when I was there before there were empty floors with open doors, so, of course, i found myself exploring. the spaces were immense and completely free of any objects, it was an amazing experience to just stand alone in one. This time most of the doors to the other floors seemed to be locked, maybe more tenants have moved in, maybe they were trying to prevent prying photographers, such as myself, from snooping around.

The Marian Spore space is 16,000 square feet, sparsely filled with art objects. The musicians performed in the middle of the room utilizing Marina Rosenfeld’s horns from her piece called Public Address as the sound system.

friends! stacey and paul, paul worked with marina z. on below video piece.

Marina Zurkow, Paradoxical Sleep
(sorry this pic sort of sucks, this was actually my favorite piece in the show but it is damn tricky photographing video in dark rooms!)

Thom Kubli, Float! ThinkTank 21, a sensory deprivation tank that you can make an appt. to experience, click here for more information.

Marina Rosenfeld, Public Address

Graham Parker, Kid Weil

More info on the Marian Spore space here.


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