I stopped by the Dirt Palace in Providence (more specifically Olneyville), R.I. over the summer for a tour of the art collective’s sprawling space with one of its founders, Pippi Zornoza. And what I found was one of the most amazing places I have ever experienced.


the clock and snakeskin covered light are made by Pippi

above 6 images are of Pippi’s studio and walls outside of her space

above 8 images are from Xander Marro‘s studio space

wall outside of Xander’s studio with Museum of Tiny Things installation

detail of Xander’s quilt

bathroom with Xander’s art on wall and Pippi’s beautiful sparkly wallpaper


bears by Kate Gronner

kitchen area

parlor with Xander’s artwork

more of Pippi’s collection of unicorn-related objects (don’t send her any more unicorns!)

directly above, props used in the PopRally performance at PS1

more of Xander’s artwork

Pippi’s amazing screenprinted floor panels

above five pictures, the massive shared studio space

above four images, the silkscreen area

The 9500 square foot space was chock full (seriously, it is insane) of lovely art made by lovely ladies (including multiple installations), rock posters (commemorating the bands that have played there in the past), interesting ephemera, chotskies galore, and truly inspired people. We need more spaces like the Dirt Palace in this world!

They also have a library, yup, a pretty damn extensive one!

From their website:
Staying true to the original intent of the building, S.S.C.O.W.L. (Shivering Shelves Collection of Weirdness Library) resides on the second floor of the Dirt Palace. S.S.C.O.W.L. houses an extensive collection of rare and independently published comics and zines as well as antique, arcane and unusual books, periodicals and videos on a wide variety of subjects.

And a costume/laundry room!

A music room (which i somehow didn’t get a photograph of so I’ll post these pics instead)!

even their bathrooms are photo-worthy!

their lightswitches too!

Each month the Dirt Palace lends their storefront window gallery space to an outside artist, the artist utilizes the space for an installation of their art. Here is an installation by my infamous ex, Kevy Sue Berglund.

More images of past window display artistes here. Submit your work to become part of this crazy awesome collective’s history.

SEE, these ladies really have got everything!
Why do I live here? and NOT there??????????????
I shall contemplate this very question as I drift off to sleep at this late hour.


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