I am sick and have been for almost 2 weeks now. Today my doctor gave me 2 new prescriptions, one being STEROIDS, which i am kind of excited about cause i want to be able
to kick everyone’s ass like a hopped up weightlifter.* It is totally making me feel like i am freaking out on pure adrenaline (wow, who knew steroids were so fucking awesome? well probably A LOT of folk, but not ME… now i am pretty sure i am addicted, after just 1 serving!)

Really though, the only thing that is keeping me from slipping into the abyss of complete and utter despair (besides my sudden drug addiction) is Mr. Gary Numan. Look at that sneer. Check out that lithe little body. Watch those dance moves. Look at that streamlined outfit. And that set design, Ooh La La! Fancy men save the day once again.**

(thanks John for sending me this video in my time of need!)

less sneering here but still pretty great.

THE BOOSH are also good for curing a bout of the old melancholia!

*Gary probably wouldn’t approve of me getting stoked about possible future ROID RAGE, being such a fop and all, but a gal needs something to look forward to when she is homebound pretty much until the end of time, no?

**This blog post has been edited whilst under the influence of steroids.

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