I think I am going to rename my blog Insane Steroid Freak Out Party for the next 7 days cause I kind of think that is what is going to be happenin’ over here at CHEAP & PLASTIQUE INCORPORATED HEADQUARTERS. I haven’t even taken my dose of the junk today and
I am already feeling a bit loopy (leftover effect from last night’s dosage?) Listening to multiple Chinese Stars albums this morning while elliptical trainerizing may have increased the crazy in the brain effect and has hopefully prepared me for what is to come this afternoon/evening once the ‘roids really kick in. I realized that the Chinese Stars’ muzak pretty much represents the state of my brain function last night, if the music was sped up approximately 35-50%.
STEROIDS, fuck. witness my addiction grow, RIGHT HERE ON THE INTERNETS!

Ok, Gonna take my 6 pills (WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!) and go for a bike ride until either my legs fall off, my heart explodes, or I end up on the doorstep of some unexpecting Boston friend’s house. Hope you are having a happy Saturday, friends.


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