ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so after further contemplation and a lot more staring in the mirror this afternoon i decided that my face needed AT LEAST another day of complete makeuplessness, pampering, and ointment application and decided to cancel my afternoon bike ride. instead of subjecting any innocent civilians to my facial troubles i locked myself inside, took my goddamn steroids*, and searched the internet for headwraps, bondage masks**, bandanas, burkas, & creative head bandaging examples (yes, i googled mummies).

i was hoping to find something that was not only functional (having a superior ability to hide the rash on my forehead) but also extremely fashionable so i could feel like i was giving the kids something special, unique, and fabulous to gander upon as they passed me on the street (if you are going to look like a freak you better at least try to do a good job doing so).

the internet produced NO worthwhile results (see above). the reality of a few more days homebound started to sink in. the steroid dose did not make me feel as happy as it had yesterday, instead i felt insanely depressed about my current state & now that sadness was peppered with a bit of ROID RAGE (not a good combination***).

the fancy army arrives once again just in time to prevent another mental breakdown!

Pugh’s ensembles often feature eccentric headpieces that obscure one’s entire face. PERFECT, no?

these are all a bit too bondage-y for my taste****.

kind of digging this but i am pretty sure it is out of my price range.

although this is pretty fun, not sure it works with today’s mood and i most certainly could not ride my bicyclette decked out in this number.

THIS, folks, is what i NEED, just the headpiece (i basically already have the rest of this look kicking around in one of my closets). this head gear will turn me into MODERN ART and that is something i can get pretty excited about. au revoir, malaise!

not sure how much this will $cost$ me but i am accepting donations.
PAYPAL AWAY whilst enjoying these Gareth Pugh video pieces.
one small donation = a significantly lessened risk of future mental breakdowns for miss v.

Marcus Tomlinson/Gareth Pugh

*steroids are REALLY FUCKING INTENSE. i don’t think i like them and i wish i did not have to take them for 5 more days.

**i didn’t really google those because they kind of freak me out.

***i apologize to anyone who may have been affected by this rage, it was the drugs, i swear.

****and totally remind me of the band YIP YIP, not that that is bad, just sayin’.


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