well days 3 & 4 of steroid ingestion were way less intense (no craziness in the brain) than the first 2 days, when i was all hopped up and experiencing some insane ROID RAGE. today i got an extra special surprise at the doctor’s office though, about 15 STEROID INJECTIONS directly into the VERY sore and tender bumps that are sprinkled across my forehead.
i thought i knew pain before, NOPE, HOLY SHIT, IT HURT, BADLY! i cried like a baby,
my tears mixing with blood as they streamed down my cheek and dripped onto my black polyester turtleneck, not a pretty site. but even though it was terribly painful and pretty much the most awful thing i have ever experienced in my lifetime i am now glad the doc talked me into having the STEROID TORTURE cause the swelling & soreness i have been enduring for the past week+ have subsided, somewhat… and i have renewed hope that one day my misbehaving forehead will return to its splendid smooth self. (please someone make this pesky rash go away, pretty please, i want my old forehead back NOW.)

anyhow, sorry, don’t mean to be a downer. who wants to hear about SORES and NEEDLES* when there is so much ART to ponder and see! here are some exciting shows that i am looking forward to checking out:::


me versus the light, 2010

sekret clubs, 2010

these Rita Ackermann & Harmony Korine paintings look goddamn creepy, i am into them! they are showing at the Swiss Institute, opening reception Tuesday, November 23rd, 6 – 8 PM, 495 Broadway, 3rd Fl. i need to whip up a james ensor mask for myself for this shindig, even though i could probably frighten the childron with or without any mask at this point in time.

from the SI‘s press release: The eerie paintings and their filmic complements are an unyielding monument to the freak, the hysteric, the rake, and the eccentric. In the painting, sekret clubs, a family of coquettish elders emerges from a thick coat of paint, which has been scraped down, reworked, and built up again. This rising ruin finds similarity in an adjacent film, POTS AND PANS, a never before screened work of Korine that documents a deaf Cuban family as they bang on pots in a boozy scene. The lunatic beats ricochet throughout the gallery, while remaining unheard by the players themselves.


Short Circuit (Combine Painting), 1955

Rauschenberg is definitely one of my all-time favorites!

At Gagosian Gallery until December 18. NY Times review here.


Cumrades, 2007 (this drawing probably is not in the exhibit but i want to post it on my blog as many times as possible in 2010-2011!)

and then there is Cary Kwok at FLAG Art Foundation, 545 W 25th St, 9th Fl, btw 10th and 11th. Discovering Mr. Kwok’s art in a Bethnal Green gallery one hungover saturday morning a couple of years ago totally cheered my friend and i up after experiencing the worst night out in London, ever**. oh god, it really was a terrible night out, an evening of COMPLETE FAILURE. anyhow, i am hopeful that the new work will perk me up and make me forget my current affliction. I often think of Kwok’s triumphant cocks when i am feeling blue.


& I totally want to check out Maya Hayuk‘s show at Cinders. Cinders has been on a roll with great exhibits and i am confident that this show will not disappoint!

from cinders press release: With Heavy Light, Maya Hayuk explores concepts of light, space, fractals and symmetry. The entire gallery will be transformed into a massive chandelier mural, allowing the viewer to physically be inside of the art, suggesting that the viewer is actually the source of the light. Smaller paintings on canvas and panel hang in diptychs, mirrored versions of each other, like rorschach tests or the two hemispheres of the mind, perfectly flawed in their symmetry. Viewers can sit on interplanetary bean bags and take time to engage a meditative moment or one of the special events planned during the show’s duration. A series of video, performance and musical celebrations curated by Maya will be held periodically during the show and will include Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad), Shana Moulton, Sadie Laska (Growing), Bjorn Copeland (Black Dice), Light Hits, Shahin Motia (Onieda) and more.

*i am hoping to be all cleared up in a week (fingers crossed) or so and then there will be much less documentation of my descent into madness/disease, promise.
FUCK YOU shingles (and no, this is NOT a horrific STD but a form of chicken pox), i am soooooo over you!

**or at least in my top ten worst nights out in London, ever. (i had some bad times as a temporary resident of the UK.)


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