why have i never been to the OHWOW bookstore/space in the West Village?
This is a cheap & plastique wet dream!!!! i am totally drooling (and it is NOT the steroids, this time!) as i look at these images. OMG! OMG! WHOA! this is just too much excitement for a wednesday evening*, i need a cold shower.

and the POP UP STORE might even be MORE drool-worthy. i think i am actually physically attracted to both of these spaces, is that possible?


looks like someone is getting MULTIPLE art books (or at least that rosson crow book i spy) for the holidays!

The HQ in Miami also looks AMAZING, that building could not have been in Miami last time i was cruising around the wynwood arts district. arghhhh, i wish i was going to art basel miami.

can someone please come & make my apt. look like this, for FREE? PRETTY PLEASE?

i think OHWOW may be my soulmate.

*or especially a tuesday evening, which i guess it actually is. damn steroids!

**that would probably sound more yucky if i were a man.


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