I stopped by the world famous SERIPOP HQ, located in a nondescript building in Montreal’s Mile End district, last month and chatted with Yannick Desranleau and
Chloe Lum about life in Montreal, the art and music they create together (as Seripop and Aids Wolf), and their desire to create more installation based work* in the future, whilst photographing them and their lovely work. They had just returned from a 6 week tour with Aids Wolf less than 48 hours before I arrived at their space so did not have any new projects in the works but I peeked in their flat files and flipped through their portfolio books, ogling their beautiful, brightly colored screenprints.

Silkscreened Art Prints:::

Silkscreened Rock Posters:::

we utilized some objects that were laying around the studio space as photo props (these adorable little pastel-colored cars were part of one of their installations)

& i snooped around, documenting behind-the-scenes…

the exciting power washer!

tools of the trade

Aids Wolf practice space (this room is featured in their throbbing gristle inspired album art)

Chloe and Yannick, in action, preparing prints for me to take home, yay!

GO BUY STUFF. you will be happy you did!

Some Aids Wolf videos for your viewing/listening pleasure:::

& an Aids Wolf interview

*Their installation Hoarding Skin was up at Secret Project Robot in Williamsburg this past spring, perhaps you experienced it.


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