I was hired by Print Magazine a couple of month’s ago to photograph 7 fabulous graphic design superstars in their workspaces. My photographs just appeared in Print‘s Regional Design Annual 2010, all of the designers I shot were judges for this year’s competition. It was a pretty fun gig, especially for ME, since I live my artistic life somewhere smack dab in the middle of the worlds of design and photography.

Randy Hunt at Etsy HQ

Randy offered me a beer straight away (so he wins first position in this blog post!) It was after-hours at ETSY, where it seems like they may enjoy many beverages, quite frequently (some people were carrying in cases of beer when I arrived and I heard a mention of whiskey wednesdays!) PLUS I had just been caught in a friggin’ tornado (REALLY, no exaggerating here) and showed up to the shoot COMPLETELY SOAKING, DRIPPING, FUCKING WET,
I actually created a small puddle on the floor near Randy’s desk, so I think he really felt like I NEEDED A BEER. I TOTALLY DID.

Randy was super nice

and Etsy was completely amazing, the space was filled with awesome stuff (most of it for sale on the etsy site) and it was huge & sprawling, they had a ping pong table and a DJ booth!
(and they are expanding! crazy!)

I wanted to take this guy home with me but I think he preferred Randy to me. He ruled!

Gary Fogelson & Phil Lubliner at Fogelson-Lubliner
From what i could tell these guys (Phil on left, Gary on right) were kind of into books & zines & Gilbert and George (if I had known that we had a shared affection for the foppish arty brits I would have brought some silver body paint with me and had them do their best impression of the Singing Sculpture, next time!)

They also seemed to be into kicking each other’s asses

awkward, sorta nerdy, sexual innuendos with inappropriate tchotchkes

general fun times and laughter

discreet beverages

& making their photographer paranoid that they were mocking her as she shot them through soundproof glass (joking, kind of!)

All of the other designers/judges were extremely nice as well, I felt very lucky to be shooting such an inspired bunch of creatives! It was interesting to see the various types of design work that each agency/individual produced, along with so many different styles of working spaces.

Jennifer Kinon at The Original Champions of Design

Jennifer had just moved into her East Village space with partner in design, Bobby Martin, who very kindly volunteered to be my photo assistant (thank you!) The shoot happened very early in the morning so I was not offered a beer, which I am ok with!

Leland Maschmeyer of COLLINS:

My shoot at COLLINS was super quick, during lunchtime. They had also just moved into their space so the normal clutter (stacks of fancy design magazines, color printouts of work in progress, etc…) usually found in design studios was absent. Leland claimed that he did not wear the orange shirt on purpose. It totally worked though, I was really into how it was popping out against the grey and silver backdrop of the space that we shot in.

Ken Carbone of The Carbone Smolan Agency

The Carbone Smolan Agency’s space was immaculate and amazing. Ken’s office itself was totally drool-worthy, packed full of art, art books, and fun knick knacks. That James Brown doll in the background of the first photograph was super cool! Ken and Pablo P. seemed to have some sort of understanding.

Lucille Tenazas at Parsons The New School for Design

I shot Lucille after she finished teaching for the day. She and I chatted for a long time about designers that we knew from Boston, her sons, her transition from California to New York, her way of working, as well as the photographic work that her husband makes. I didn’t want to leave her office, I was having such a nice chat (hope I did not overstay my welcome!) Thanks for being such an inspiring lady, Lucille!


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