Last week my design cohort, mister robotowitz, ran off & left me all alone in our window-free, extremely hot, secret nyc design HQ so HE could drink endless bellinis under perfect blue skies, whistle at ladies in teenie weenie polka dot bikinis, and act as cheap & plastique‘s arty correspondent at Art Basel Miami Beach. he kindly photographed some things that he thought i might enjoy (and some things he knew i would not enjoy, just for comparisons sake).

i do quite enjoy me some nick cave so this was a good start!


and i am a huge fan of the Rubell Collection!

i have been rambling on a lot lately about popping pills and feeling out of my mind from steroid usage… so i guess this makes sense.

i like gaudy chandeliers.

i like LIQUOR & PILLS!!!!

i like fancy party dressing up times, totally similar to my life as of late!

i like the letter S, for Shuraka!

i like jenny holzer.

i like pink, i like neon, i like brightly colored objects, i like art books! IT IS TRUE.

i like spiral staircases.

i like reflections in glass.

i like art (and other stuff too) that is dirty. and funny.

i like cheap & plastique.

i like flourescent tube lighting and pink shadowy walls.

i like relaxation.


Friends With You (i like these guys, a lot!)

i like geometric patterns.

not too sure if i like this or not.

i like black & white.


i do not really like these guys.

i like this monkey face because it reminds me of how my brain feels on steroids.

i like this guy cause he seems like he’d be a cool dude if he were to come to life.

i like metal (sometimes).

i like this installation cause it looks all sorts of fucked up and i like fucked up stuff.

info on above 2 images here.

thanks, robotowitz, i owe you one!



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