Ok, this is more of a WHAT TO GET ME list for the holidays but if you have a friend
with a similar aesthetic to mine then I guess this guide could also come in handy for YOU.
Or you could just send me gifts and say fuck your friends, I like this option best.


These Marimekko plates, bowls, & cups are yet more objects that I have actually felt physically attracted to in the past month (things are getting weird over here!) & I had a bit of a breakdown the other day and bought myself some of these goods (I know, tsk-tsk, it is Xmas-time and buying oneself gifts is NO bueno but what’s a gal to do when she’s got NO self-control????) I STILL WANT MORE. Available at Crate & Barrel in Soho and on this site.


BUTT TOWEL here. I really want one of these, STILL!!!!!!

the BUTT Calendar is also AWESOME butt I don’t think they have an updated 2011 edition, BOO.


Fluffer 1

Fluffer 2

I kind of want a SUPER FLUFFY kitten BUT I don’t like the idea of having to take care of something alive, that grows and needs nourishment… IF the kitten could promise to stay miniature forever and also be self-sufficient (oh and also not shed ANY of its fluffy white fur) I could be convinced to open my cold black heart for one of these above cute ‘lil fluffers! They most certainly would come in handy for some crazy lady photographie sessions.


Vintage Mannequins and/or Andrej Pejic (today’s obsession)
Also good for photography sessions, Chez Violette. Andrej is so intriguing looking and mannequin-like, he would work just as nicely for testing out lighting scenarios in my ghetto studio as one of these sassy vintage mannequins! Vive la androgynes mâle!


A case of Trader Joe’s $2 Buck Chuck, in a red flavor.
I survived on this shit for years and i am mostly alright in the brain!


Vino with Violet Glamour Shots Photo Session (Price upon request)
Be forcefed VINO! and dressed up in ridiculous outfits (vintage fredricks of hollywood one-sleeved glittery pants suit, check! glamorous furs in many colors and prints, sure! & lots of other ridiculous pieces of exotic animal print & sequins covered clothing, uh huh!) by yours truly. a mostly memorable experience you can tell your grandkids about someday, if you live that long and/or don’t blackout on my kitchen floor!

A 2011 Seripop Subscription

With a print subscription for 2011 subscribers get one copy of EVERYTHING Seripop make during the year starting January 1st. Posters, prints, books, and zines (above posters NOT included in 2011 subscription). If you REALLY love me, you will get this for moi!

JOIN the Dan McCarthy Print Club

and get a lovely silkscreened poster every month for a year, sent with love from Cape Cod, Massachusetts! These posters are rad and Dan is even radder!

NOW I am more in the Holiday spirit!
Ho hO HO!


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