You should go see the Peter Saul exhibition that is on display at Haunch of Venison in midtown, it is up until January 8th. Information here. All of the below works are from the 1960’s, except the last 2. I think Icebox was my favorite in the show. Wish I had had more time to watch the Peter Saul interview dvd they were playing in the gallery but I ran over to Haunch of Venison on my work lunchbreak, the few minutes I did manage to catch were very intriguing, Peter Saul is a man with a sense of humor I can appreciate!

Killer, 1964 (left) & Policeman on the Toilet, 1963 (right)

Woman Being Executed, 1964

Bathroom Sex Murder, 1961

Various items in display case

Icebox #9, 1963

Detail from Icebox #9

Detail from Icebox #9

Sickroom, 1964

Icebox #7, 1963

Icebox, 1960

Detail from Icebox

Superman’s Punishment, 1963

Subway 1, 1979

Beckmann’s The Night, 2009

Interview with Saul in the Brooklyn Rail.

Village Voice review here.


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