Over the past weekend, whilst recovering from my dumb (and nasty) New Year’s Eve champagne hangover, I could not do much besides lay in bed, feel bad for myself, and
watch a shitload of documentaries that I have had sitting in my Netflix queue forevs.

First up was Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman and it did not disappoint! This documentary totally reinvigorated my love of beautiful architectural photography, modernist architecture, amazing, creative, aged gentlemens, and all things B&W (I have been designing everything in B&W at my job this week and it is pretty damn FUN)! J’aime noir et blanc!

Why did I NOT go to see this house when I was in LA last year???

From Netflix:
Filmmaker Eric Bricker directs this fascinating documentary about the life and times of architectural photographer Julius Shulman, whose work is known for helping to launch the careers of giants like Rudolf Schindler and Frank Lloyd Wright. With insight from fellow architects Frank Gehry, Ricardo Legorreta and Shulman himself, Bricker’s effort illuminates the legendary artist’s gift for capturing space, form and design.

The documentary also made me realize how badly I want to go on a pilgrimage to Brasilia to see Oscar Niemeyer’s buildings, SOMEDAY… hopefully soon!!!!! This whole place looks so fucking amazing!

There is also this exhibit of Ezra Stoller’s B&W architectural photographs at Yossi Milo in Chelsea… Think I will have to check this show out this weekend to get a quick B&W architectural photography fix!


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