Some upcoming art shows::::

Reprise at Aicon Gallery, opening Thursday, show is up from January 13 – February 5.

Included in the exhibition are: John Jurayj (top image), G. R. Iranna, Rehana Mangi, Nitin Mukul, Huma Mulji, Mahreen Zuberi (2nd image), and more.

Untitled (Painting) and Tulsa, 1968: A film by Larry Clark at Luhring Augustine, from January 7 – February 5.

Painters included in the exhibition are: Tauba Auerbach, Bernard Frize, Wade Guyton, Albert Oehlen, Josh Smith, Daan van Golden, Charline von Heyl, Christopher Wool (above left), Heimo Zobernig (above right).

In the third gallery Tulsa (64 min, silent), a film by Larry Clark which was recently found by the artist, will be exhibited for the first time in the US.

John Stezaker at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, from January 7 – February 12.

Mika Tajima at Elizabeth Dee Gallery, from January 8 – February 19.

(this image is pulled from google to represent Mika’s work as the gallery website is not showing any work from the current exhibition.)

Todd Hido at Bruce Silverstein Gallery, January 6 – February 12.


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