watched a bit of this kuchar brothers documentary last night while letting the front part of my apartment air out– i was trying to avoid breathing in the gas that my stove emitted after a small cooking mishap, by hiding out in my bedroom. death by gas inhalation did not seem like a very fun prospect last night! although keeping my apartment windows wide open during an insane blizzard was also not the most fun experience ever. BUT i am here now, perhaps a bit sniffly but at least still breathing, so i guess that is all that really matters. and there was laughter. and who doesn’t like laughter?

i like strange, eccentric people & the kuchars were most excellent freak magnets.

i quite enjoyed the the kuchar star interviews in this documentary, the filmmaker does a fabulous job highlighting the weirdos that were part of the kuchar’s early scene. plus almost every amazing underground/cult filmmaker is in the film praising the kuchar’s talent! they deserve wider recognition, i say! but not everyone appreciates overdramatization, crazy people, very creative makeup application, lewd behavior, campiness, and absurdity as much as i (and john waters) do!

a good friend of mine took a class at SFAI with george k. in the mid-nineties and i was always kind of jealous that she got to experience his wackiness/genius first hand. i still have a vhs copy of the film she made with him somewhere in the far reaches of my closet!

NY Times review here.


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