in the mid-nineties, before you could find any image that you might actually want on the internet, craphound was a most coveted publication, especially for my ex-boyfriend,
mr. deathless, maker of semi-offensive sticker art (yeah, the same guy who used to keep
me up, night after night, gesticulating wildly, whilst watching the video for laibach’s life is life, ON REPEAT!)

mr. deathless utilized many images from craphound’s pages for his sticker art, as did i for plastique postcards and other design-y stuff*… & i still have many folders of photocopied pages from the the craphound zines that we scored from the only cool bookshop in allston, ma— flyrabbit (r.i.p.).

i was sort of disappointed to come up with zero google results for a “deathless” search so thought i should photograph my can o’ deathless, a collection of the stickers made from 1995 – 1997. i forget how many cans we made but they were certainly in high demand in 1997! i wonder if people still have these cans? just looking back through the stickers i realize there are A LOT of super offensive ones (not pictured here), maybe it is good they are not google-able on the internettes!

*like this lovely poster with a heart-y craphound clip art overlay

design: stoltze design

Article on craphound here.


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