Been busily prepping for the Fountain Art Fair, which begins this Thursday, you should totally come! In the meantime to get your dose of le cheap & plastique, ORDER issue #8!

PAYPAL me ( and you will receive one of these beautiful zineroos in your mailbox! Please specify which cover you would like, Miss Morgan’s (left) or Mister Wasserbauer’s (right)! Zine is $10, shipping $5. Both are printed on various fancy papers (kraft, silver, vellum- ooh la la!), zine is 60 pages.

By far cheap & plastique‘s most fanciest edition yet!

This issue features:
Paintings by Paul Wackers
Photographs by Joël Tettamanti
Photographs by Anne Lass

Studio Visits and interviews with the folk of Monster Island, including:
Live With Animals Gallery
Cameron Michel
Raul De Nieves
Kayrock Screenprinting

A special Fountain Art Fair Feature including:
Paintings by Heather Morgan
Photographs by Kelsey Bennett
Paintings and prints by Nathan Wasserbauer
Photographs by Christine Navin

Issue 8 also includes interviews with London musicians:
H Bird
An article featuring the Londoners:
The Melting Ice Caps
Mr. Solo
New Royal Family

And photography and an interview with NYC’s very own Twin Guns.


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