Mike Perry

Timothy Goodman

Andrio Abero

Keetra Dean Dixon

Fresh Dialogue 27: Design Dualities
Young Designers always have reacted towards trends, simultaneously often creating new ones. The stale computer generated graphics of the late 90’s ushered in a new crop of designers desiring to use their hands, make a mess, make mistakes & get away from bezier curves. This field of young designers started to see their work often as bigger than standard commercial graphic design. They allowed themselves to pursue illustration, printmaking, product development, sculpture and even exhibition.

These young creatives are just as devoted to their design careers as their art careers, writing careers, etc. and believe that the duality makes their end work more rich and vibrant. Four great examples are Mike Perry, Keetra Dean Dixon, Andrio Abero and Timothy Goodman. All of which are young designers pursuing multiple avenues within their work. This year for Fresh Dialogue, AIGA/NY has invited these four to participate in a panel discussion moderated by New York chapter board member Chris Rubino discussing their approach to work, both commercial and personal. It’s sure to be an insightful night touching on process, inspiration and surprise.

Fresh Dialogue 27: Design Dualities
Tishman Auditorium, 66 West 12th St.

More event details here.


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