Folkert De Jong opens at James Cohan Gallery
Friday, April 1, 6—8 PM
More info here.

Images from Boulevard series, 2008-2010.

Katy Grannan opens at Salon 94
Friday, April 1, 6—8 PM
More info here.
Artist’s website here.

NY Mag review here.

Boulevard is a collection of color photographs made while Grannan roamed the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco between 2008 and 2010. Grannan’s subjects are most often people whom others pass by without notice, anonymous yet extraordinary individuals who are transformed by photography’s peculiar magic. Each person is photographed against the ubiquitous white stucco wall lit by an unrelenting California sunlight. The series is her version of street photography, a kind of public theater enacted on the sidewalks of West Hollywood and San Francisco.

Together, The Believers and Boulevard present new Western mythologies inhabited by people who celebrate delusion as a means of self-preservation, contradiction as truth, and glitter and sweat as residue of optimism and perseverance.


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