I went to Philly last weekend on a mission to celebrate my birthday and eat lots of delicious foods (mucho success!), take some photographs (mo’ success!), see some art at out of the way, artist-run galleries, like Flux Space and Little Berlin (total fail!*), and do studio visits** with a bunch of the artists at Space 1026. Things did not work out exactly as planned at Space 1026 but I did manage to get a tour of the space and a peek into a few people’s studios. Thanks so much, Leah, Bonnie, and Thom!

(years of buildup of silkscreened prints makes for lovely texture!)


Leah Mackin’s studio, see more of her work here.

Bonnie Brenda Scott’s studio, see more of her work here.

Thom Lessner and Ted Passon’s studio, see more of their work here and here.

More about the studio and gallery space at Space 1026 here.

*I made the mistake of assuming their gallery spaces would be open and trekked out to their slightly sketchy locales. Disappointed that both were closed, next time I know to call ahead and schedule something.

**Most sad that I did not get to see Matt Leine’s work in person at Space 1026… perhaps something will work out on a future visit! More of his work here and here.


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