Since I have been busily prepping for a visit to Londontown next week (finishing up freelance work here and planning photo shoots there) I have been neglecting this blog, I apologize! Here are some nice photographs by Olaf Unverzart to gaze upon for the time being!

Check out Olaf Unverzart’s website here.

He is participating in this project called La Brea Matrix, which seems pretty interesting. More information here.

From the La Brea Matrix website:
“La brea” is Spanish for “tar”. The La Brea Tar Pits are a well known cluster of tar pits in urban Los Angeles, near the Miracle Mile district. La brea is thus a reference to asphalt and street surfaces. A street that runs from north to south through Los Angeles bears the name La Brea Avenue. On 21 June 1975, the intersection of Beverly Boulevard and La Brea Avenue entered photographic history. This is where Stephen Shore took his legendary photograph in front a Chevron gas station. The following day he took another picture at the same place.

Stephen Shore, Beverly Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, June 21, 1975

And some more Stephen Shore, from the exhibit Der Rote Bulli: Stephen Shore and the New Düsseldorf Photography

Stephen Shore, Church Street and Second Street (June 20, 1974), Easton, Pennsylvania

Der Rote Bulli: Stephen Shore and the New Düsseldorf photography focuses on the influence these three photographers would go on to have on the industry in the 1970s and ’80s and explores the transatlantic dialogue taking place in the world of photography during this period. Part one provides a comprehensive overview of two ground-breaking bodies of Shore’s work documenting ‘American life’; American Surfaces and Uncommon Places, made during the series of road trips Shore took from the mid 1970s onwards. The second part of the show explores the extent to which students on Becher’s photography course at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, many of whom would become world famous in the years that followed, were inspired by US subjects and image concepts from the 1970s and ’80s.

Links talking about the influence of Stephen Shore upon the New Düsseldorf photographers here and here.


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