I had not been to a large outdoor show since the last Lollapalooza I went to in the early 90’s (as far as I can remember) so I kind of forgot what a musical festival was like… and I have never been to a music festival in England so the Wireless festival was really unlike any event I have ever experienced before, the Brits do love themselves the all day long rock fest! As a youth I always wanted to go to the Glastonbury Festival and see all of my most favoritest English bands! And last night MY #1 favorite band was playing with the legendary Grace Jones, both of whom I had seen before, albeit in MUCH smaller venues.

I am not a fan of crowds or being pushed and jostled (is anyone, really?) I am also not a fan of hearing the person(s) next to me singing along VERY LOUDLY to all the words of my favorite songs, drowning out the ACTUAL singer’s voice, the voice I had paid 80 something dollars to hear! But even though there were many annoyances it was actually pretty special to experience Pulp, in London, reunited after 15 years, playing to people who were all as equally psyched to be experiencing what I was experiencing!

Pulp did not do an encore but ended with Common People, which was pretty amazing. Everyone bounced up and down and even I may have started singing along for a moment or two… that song brings back so many memories for me, of dancing like a maniac with my friends anytime it came on at a club in Boston, New York, or anywhere, of finally moving to London and going to art school, hell, that song is pretty much the reason I applied to grad school in London in the first place.

After the show we went to the band’s after party at a super disco space called the Moonlighting Club in Soho. Once again I was thrown into the situation of having Jarvis Cocker standing only a few feet from me and once again I could not make myself saunter over to him to tell him how amazing I thought Jarvis Cocker/Pulp/Pulp reuniting/his outfit/his shoes/his voice/his words were. Instead I bumped into his girlfriend by accident while she was walking by me, had my (already very sore) foot stepped on by Mark Webber, and I danced and drank, with my Common People friends. It was good times.



One thought on “Pulp & Grace Jones

  1. Bumped into Jarvis in Paris a few days before their reunion in Spain(?). He was surprisingly shy and nice. Very not like what I would expect him to be. He also smelled like candy. That’s how near he was. I was about to do inappropriate things to him but he was with his son.

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