Seeing art in the summertime is next to impossible, well at least for those with full-time jobs. Thankfully I have a few comp days this summer so hopefully I will be able to check out these shows. Photography is everywhere, this makes me happy!

Yale MFA Photography 2011 at Nicole Klagsbrun

Yorgo Sprinos (above 2 images)

Matthew Booth (above 2 images)

Cheap & Plastique friend Kelsey Bennett at Christopher Henry Gallery

2011 VICE Photo Show at 298 Elizabeth St.

The show, which runs through July 26th, will feature work from Jason Fulford, Josh Tonsfeldt, Jim Mangan, Mick Rock, Terry Richardson, Richard Kern, Slava Mogutin , Julian Burgin, Martin Parr, Asger Carlsen, Ben Ritter, Jen Osborne, Danielle Levitt, Lele Saveri , Mike de Leon, Estelle Hanania, Peter Sutherland, Tim Freccia, Peter Beste, Ken Miller, and Max Merz.


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