Continuing C & P’s week of Japanese bands… here are some videos of Hanatarash. When my friend first told me about this Bulldoze gig, an anti-everything performance (first video),
I could hardly believe it. I knew the Boredoms, I saw them play in the early 90’s in Boston, and I knew a bit about Yamatsuka Eye and his art, etc… BUT I never imagined that Eye had been involved in such extreme and violent performances in the past. This might be one of the craziest things I have ever seen. Here is Eye bulldozing a performance space in Osaka in 1985.

From 10 Infamous Concerts on
The mystical, eternal, iconoclastic Eye—the singularly-named leader of legendary shamans Boredoms—began life not as a percussion-bashing psychedelic tribalist, but as a noise-music provocateur with a bent for performance-art. His first band, Hanatarashi (later Hanatarash), were renowned for the literal danger of their live-shows, which included machetes, molotov cocktails, and circular saws. The band’s most infamous spectacle—and, perhaps, the most infamous night on this list of the infamous—was the Bulldozer Show, which saw Eye driving a back-hoe around the venue, tearing it apart in front of a polite and respectful Japanese audience. Its legend lives on online; this act of Dada-ist destruction encoded as internet slideshow.


One thought on “Hanatarash

  1. I just wrote about Hanatarash too! What a crazy band. I thin kI much prefer Boredoms – more variety, easier to listen to and not as dangerous – and I don’t know if the danger is really warranted, but it makes for a good story!

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