Discovered Russian-born, Berlin-based, artist Evgenij Kozlov (aka E-E) at the Ostalgia group show at the New Museum. Ostalgia is up until October 2, 2011, you should check
it out, there are some really good Russian artists (working in a variety of mediums) to see at this exhibition! And this installation of E-E’s work is amazing (and rather entertaining!)

The Leningrad Album, A selection of 150 drawings, installation view at the New Museum

From The Leningrad Album

More of E-E’s work, found on his website. He is an incredibly prolific artiste!

(above thumbnails) Pages from The Book for People, Princesses and Princes, 1991 – 2007

Info on the artist from the internette:
After a classical art training, Evgenij Kozlov (born in Leningrad/St. Petersburg in 1955, lives and works in Berlin) became a member of the leading Leningrad avant garde art group of the eighties “The New Artists”. He opened a studio, in the late 80’s, called “RUSSKOEE POLEE/The Russian Field” on the Fontanka Embankment in Leningrad, which immediately became a meeting place of artists, international curators and journalists. Kozlov moved to Germany in 1993 and opened “RUSSKOEE POLEE/The Russian Field No 2” in an old factory in the historical center of Berlin with the photographer Hannelore Fobo. Again “The Russian Field” became a center for the Russian and international art-community in Berlin, and the size of the place gave the artist the possibility to further develop his artistic ideas on a large scale. Starting with the new millenium, Evgenij Kozlov shortened the name of his studio to the last two letters “E-E”, to stress his absolute liberty in style.

Here is a post with some of the other artists I liked at the New Museum.


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