A friend of mine posted this fabulous video on Facebook this morning. I have always had a thing for futuristic design from the 60’s…. I wish there were more public sculptures here is the US like the ones Raquel Welch and her spaceboys are dancing around. These statues were constructed for the 1968 Olympic Games, which were held in Mexico. There were nineteen sculptures along a 17 kilometer segment of the Anillo Periferico / Preferential Highway and were designed by various international artists.

The Mexican sculptures remind me of more colorful, less grandiose versions of the Spomeniks, built throughout the former Yugoslavia to commemorate the Second World War and to symbolize a hopeful look towards the future. The works were commissioned by the state and built/designed by various artists and architects and now, with the dissolution of Yugoslavia, these monuments have been either destroyed or left to decay, noone cares to visit them any longer. I can imagine a less kitschy, more somber dance occurring around these works, Nico should have shot a video here. Jan Kempenaers released a book of photographs documenting the Spomeniks, which he shot between 2006 – 2009. You can find it on Amazon here.

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